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When will the cuts stop?

For now, I'm still safe, but I'm wondering if the cuts will continue next week? Does anyone know?

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No way this SMRA channel lasts more than 12 months.
Looks like they stashed all the Sprint upper management over here.
If you live in the sticks, you’re about to get ripped tf off.

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Field sales roles. Still WAY too many "managers" walking around doing nothing really other than running mindless report after report after report.
I have never seen a company with so many managers.
Big, big cuts in these areas forthcoming over the next 12 months or less.

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Where is everyone hearing these additional cuts are coming?
From my understanding director's confirmed people beginning of this month and those who where not confirmed where given notice... are those the cuts that we are referring to?
It does look like the company moved and retained many people into SMRA. Albeit your opinion why confirm someone then unconfirmed 2 months later makes no sense... unless we aren't talking about field sales roles DDM, TM, ZM, DM ...

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T-Mobile makes cuts all the time. It’s because leadership doesn’t have a clear strategy. They jump on opportunities and hire for them just to lay the people off. T-Mobile hires aggressively in the middle of the year and then makes cuts around the end of the fiscal year. I would recommend leaving and giving your time and talent to an ethical company.

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Safe? Cuts? These words and the worry that accompanies them have no place in a healthy work environment. Sadly, the American work force has grown accustomed to being treated like disposable human resources.

You are a good person who works for a bad employer. Saying these things and asking these questions says you are in a toxic, abusive relationship, professionally. Healthy relationships do not include worrying if you are safe or if you will be cut.

You are on a sinking ship. You are now figuratively asking the people who torpedoed the ship to spare you. You will go down with the ship eventually.

Save yourself. Leave. Leave now if you are able.

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