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Cvs doesn’t care about there employees well being for one along with that for a pharmacy company they don’t even care about the well being of employees. On the retail side they cut and cut on hours and no time to get all the work done. They only want to focus on carepass at least that is what upper management says. Shows how the disconnection is. You want loyalty to the company at a store should think about hours to help the customers to better serve the customers. My store they prefer someone at the register and cvs cut 50-60 hours a week for the Aco that doesn’t always work half the time. Then want over half the customers go to the Aco the division Vice President wanted 75% of all transactions going to the Aco how does that make sense. The company is hurting cause they forget about how important the people are and customers coming into the store. I am very familiar with democratic’s and very familiar with stores in my area even where I live. If you can’t retain customers by the people working then your making the mistake. Not everyone wants to order online in some areas they prefer to go to the store to just talk with employees due to shopping in a good and professional environment. They also like to talk to the employee’s that have been at the store for awhile customers like stability in a store. We are always told to stick to the basics and coporate along time ago forgot about the customers and basics.
I like this post. I absolutely agree, @1tvg+1bkpHeXc.
Sometimes I wonder if leadership is completely disconnected from reality?

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Satan is all the upper management right now, they don’t have the respect from the people. They are only dictating even if it doesn’t make sense in a store. The so called leaders are only worried about the power and not leadership. There is a big difference between the 2.

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