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The environment at DST since the SS&C takeover seemed promising. There was talk of rewards for hard work and the ability to have a career path. It has evolved into an environment where the hard work has no reward and the promises of financial growth are empty. The yearly merit increases, if they occur, are a joke (1% is standard) along with any potential bonus or stock options that don't amount to much.

If you are an individual that is just looking for health insurance and a paycheck this is the place for you. If you are looking to work for a company where you can advance, but not be compensated for it then this is also a good place for you.

I can say after many years here that it is a dead zone for financial career growth. They will dangle the thought of the reward, but over time it does not come to fruition. If you are an eager high performer, they will throw an overabundant amount of work at you with little to no support and continue to pile on more work. The expectation is that you work 10-12+ hour days to get it done with no relief in sight. That is easier to accept if you receive the compensation for it, but I have been told by the company compensation should not be a concern and the work is the reward.

I cannot stress enough that if you are reading this and looking for a company to spend some years growing in, this is not the place for you.

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YES! For all the talk of ‘people’ - folks are treated pretty poorly @ SS&C. Most talent leaves. IF you’re in the inner circle the pay is pretty awesome, everyone else, sorry that’s all we can spare. Remember the DST acquisition is being paid for by your hard work and low raises, bonuses, etc...

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