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Nobody is happy

I think nobody is currently happy at or with CVS other than the upper management which keeps pocketing their fat bonuses at the expense of employees and customers. We are always understaffed and overworked and this has affected customer service to the point that they are starting to avoid us if at all possible. But nobody who can make changes cares because it doesn't affect them directly. I really hope we lose enough business soon so even they can't ignore the issue anymore.

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Many in corporate positions including corporate management positions are also not happy.

The unfortunate part is now there is a ton of bloat and top heavy structure in corporate. Much much worse than the already bad it used to be. What used to be one persons responsibility is split 5 ways but this creates gaps as the corporate execs want responsibility for things going well and don’t want responsibility for the things that arent. And right now there is a lot that isn’t going well and many more fingers to point. Sh-t just rolls downhill and of course this isn’t Sr managements problem it’s the low man.

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As a former customer, this speaks the truth. I'm not happy at all with CVS. And I posted as much in another thread, only to get called a Karen for my troubles (because apparently CVS upper management is entitled to my repeat business?)

I really hope we lose enough business soon so even they can't ignore the issue anymore.

Way ahead of you and doing my part.

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Amen! Been with CVS since the days corporate actually cared about the colleagues and customers.
I understand things change, but the rate CVS cuts operating payroll on the front lines is insane. They are not only making it impossible to operate efficiently, they’re putting people’s lives in danger(our patients). All for another million $’s or so in everyone in upper management’s pockets. Unfortunately, people are going to lose their lives because of this. It’s really a sad situation. I’ve watched “lifers” leave CVS because they don’t want their name on the building that ends up ki----g a patient because of the cuts causing mistakes. Something has to change before that happens.

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