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Oh just sell us FFS……….

I could be alone in this but things seem to have gone from bad to even worse since this sale news leak.

It’s every person for themselves more than ever. C-team communication to the masses has ceased. Hello, paging Jenn Mann, so-called steward of our famous corporate culture?! Haven’t heard from you in years. Your horizontal mambo with Jim Davis and subsequent disappearance from view seem mighty coincidental.

Retired-in-place managers and directors, most of who neither manage or direct one bit while Jenn Mann was asleep at the wheel have been the downfall of it all IMO. Too much bloat and too huge of a disconnect with worker bees. Hiring clueless kids out of college who have no work ethic and propelling them to levels no one who has been here even 5-10 years could ever hope to reach.

Put us out of our misery damn it. Sell the company. Buy out the employees who have tried to tell you for years that things were going wrong. Witnessing this slow death is torture. How can anyone focus on “work” when the company is falling apart before our eyes?

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don't believe the "i want to go ipo by 2024 b.s. what is he smoking? is Sidney Powell or Rudy G advising him?

Translation: Broadcom didn't offer enough, no other suitors offered enough. i'll make up some ipo nonsense to keep employees feeling good....

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They already "bought out" the employees that told them things were going to he-l. Those employees were Schabenbuggered a few years ago. The "buyout" was the false choice HR gives you after they present their list of trumped-up charges. Take the money and leave, or remain and "be good" by crazy-world standards, only to be thrown out empty-handed. Glad I took the money.

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