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How do some people manage to escape responsibility just like that?

I’ll bet the person responsible for the email fiasco, whomever didn’t properly load test the servers doesn’t even get a slap on the wrist. Probably keeps their job. This will tell you a lot about IBM and the club culture.

I’m referring to a post specifically about the email debacle, but it’s not the first time that some people at IBM have gotten away with something so easily. Why are they so privileged? If I were guilty of a much smaller mistake, I wouldn't be here right now.

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My guess is that somebody competent raised all kinds of warnings about the migration (not least the stupidity of leaving it to the last possible moment with no fallback plan, as the cloud servers were being decommissioned), but that Finance overrode them.

At this point IBM has only three working business units:

Finance - make all the decisions even though they don't understand the business
Legal - says No to things because saying Yes could be risky for them
HR - protects the company from the employees and administers RAs

Everything else is expendable

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Seriously, what does a people manager do? The ones I've seen have no technical ability and no clue of their employees day to day.

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Some people are good at work and some people are good at playing politics. Rarely you'll find someone who's good at both

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