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Mid-Year Review

Probably the stupidest waste of time I have ever encountered.

Are you on track to hit your goals? Yes I'm on track to hit my goals.

AIG cares about your career. Really, why then do I outperform my goals every year and never get promoted? Why is the best I can ever hope for a 2% annual increase no matter how hard I work. Why can we hire executive friends at every and any level above pay grade 25, but it is almost impossible to get an internal promotion beyond a pay grade 20? Why can't we replace the people that have left so we can actually service customers properly? Why should I ever care how AIG does as a company because it only goes to pay whatever group of execs is currently in power. It never trickles down.

Why am I even having this conversation? It is the exact same thing every year. Please someone explain the point of this id--tic exercise that only gets read by my incompetent self absorbed manager. Then my manager tries to give a totally fake pep talk about how much AIG cares. No one is buying it, sorry.

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Incompetence and top level dirty dealings, no different from the government.

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AIG tossed IT to the wind world wide, sold it to Accenture. They rebadged the KL staff and last I heard moving that know how to India. I know Accenture was posting US and EMEA based jobs hoping someone from those regions who did the job for AIG would accept it.
I don't think anyone did.
I feel sorry for those left behind. The successor to AIG200 will be the shutting of the doors. We brought it back from the brink to have it trashed after all that hard work. I had a lot of years there. Put in a lot of long nights/weekends. Just to see the ship sink.

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Poor vision
Poor strategy
Poor execution

  • enough said.
  • mic 🎤 drop!!!!
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Don't forget, BD worked away with well over $100 million dollars for his 4+ years at AIG!

What did we get for that money? I can't answer that either.

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Agree there will be a successor to AIG200 and it will come with another multi billion dollar allotment and execs will need several more years to make AIG "the world insurance leader again". BD asked for 3 years to turn AIG around, I think we are in year 5 or 6 now. Not a lot has changed except there are far fewer employees than there were 5 years ago.

AIG200 has always been a way to pilfer money and set goals for years down the line to ensure execs can collect millions. Does AIG200 ever really happen? Who cares, execs got paid so they win either way.

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Even aig vets with a lot of institutional knowledge and good comp are now leaving. Especially in IT. Here's betting there's a successor to AIG200 to clean up the mess it created. Even some in leadership level are pessimistic about future prospects.

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