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You're going to feel a sting, that's your pride, forget that s***

To paraphrase the scene in Pulp Fiction where Marcellus Wallace tells the boxer(bruce willis) to take a dive. That is how it feels to be a low level manager at AIG.

Just go out there are tell your team if they work hard they will get a raise, be promoted and get a great sti reward. You know you are lying to hard working folks, but you swallow that pride because you have a family to support.

Executives have perfected this lie. They are good at it. They don't even feel the sting anymore. I guess million dollar bonuses make that sting much more bearable, but it eats at me constantly.

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It feels horrible to lie to your team, try to make things sound better than they are and promise help that is never coming. My boss does this and so do I. Above him no one cares they just collect their big fat pay checks. The solution is find something else if you can and take a few good people with you. That’s my plan.

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Most folks know all the leaders "messaging" are falsehoods.
Fire FTEs, hire contractors. Wash, rinse,, repeat. Initiatives fail? Cover up with another earnings charge, call it AIG300.

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