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Pearson Will Pay $1 Million Fine For ‘Understating’ 2018 Data Breach, Misleading Investors

Opps. Education giant Pearson will pay a $1 million fine to settle charges that it misled investors about a 2018 data breach during which millions of student records were stolen.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced earlier this month that the London-based, multinational educational publishing and software...


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Not mentioned internally. $1 million too low for the fine. Students personal information exposed is not ok to hide.
No digital excellence here whatsoever.

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They also hid another hack where their entire cloud was taken down by bitcoin miners in 2018. It took them more than a week to get their systems back. They claimed that nothing was hacked or lost.
It was caused by some Cognizant employee who exposed cloud keys publicly. (This is easily verifiable by SEC if they question AWS because AWS was aware of that exposure - AWS actually was the first to find out the exposure and report to Pearsion).
Guess what, Cognizant got larger deals and anyone who protested was harassed out.
That $1 million fee is nothing compared to the harm Pearson leadership has been engaging in.

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Just another item in the long list of things we hope no one brings up..

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The biggest take away is they didnt accept any responsibility when fined by the SEC, an indication of a true scumbag. For 6 months, Pearson knew about the breach but did nothing. The media is who leaked the breach to the investors. So let's see, if this failing company will deceive it's investors, how will they treat their employees or customers. Digital excellence is what Pearson preaches but their cyber security system allowed a data breach to effect thousands of students. This SEC ruling is what occurs when you mix stupidity with arrogance.

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