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Yup, it's time to quit's-time-to-quit-your-job

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Why would people want to work (at L3H or anywhere else) if Biden keeps putting out the wheelbarrow full of money for people to sit around and collect a check for doing nothing? He's done exactly the opposite of what this country needs right now.

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I'm not sure this is even relevant. No one wants to work today. Those that do show up just sit around and play on their phones.

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I brought a concern to the so-called Ethics Hotline. They opened up a file, had me answer questions online and then immediately closed the file saying it was "resolved" and no other action was necessary. No personal discussion with me, no investigation. They just went through some useless motions and did nothing.
It's as if the Ethics and Compliance advisor stayed at a Holiday Inn as their only training.

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That list from Indeed is pretty accurate for what was going on in Grand Rapids.
We'd have daily team meetings (which were a complete waste of time) just so we could be advised (or should I say coached) on what to say to customers when we were horribly late on fulfilling their purchase orders. A good portion of them were ten months or more past due.
Don't bother bringing it to the Ethics department. He sat around and counted the days until he retired. Openly played solitaire on his company computer. They hired a replacement and she was just as useless.

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Plenty of better industries to work for that are currently paying way more and hiring.

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My favorite saying (and so true for my time at L3H):
"You don't quit your job, you quit your manager."

Mine was an awful blend of ignorant and incompetent.

Grand Rapids is now hiring people with retail and fast food experience at temp wages.
I walked the minute I heard this and saw the terrible health insurance they were rolling out.

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You are underusing your skills.
You are not following your passion.
The work environment is unhealthy.
There are no opportunities for growth.
The company's future is in question.
Your ethics are being compromised.
You are grossly under-compensated.
Your values are not aligned with those of the organization.
You are no longer able to fulfill your job responsibilities.
There are substantially better opportunities available at another organization.
You need more work-life balance.
You dread going to work.
You can’t picture yourself there long term.
You wouldn’t want your friends to work there.
Everything feels overwhelming.

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