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I have already started looking for an exit...

Not because of the whole mandatory vaccine thing (I'm already vaccinated and I don't care if others have been vaccinated or not!), but because I certainly won't do more work if someone else leaves. At the moment I have a double workload. Does this company have a solution if a large number of people leave because of the mandatory vaccine? I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

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I appreciate the sanity of the thread starter and trusting the vax to do what it's supposed to for him. As for the company, or any other large company, having a plan to cope with massive worker losses due to try to force the vax on those who don't want it (for whatever reason)... nope, they don't have a plan. None of them. Over at Ford where they had the 2nd/final deadline to report vax status on Friday a friend in IT joined a on-line meeting where in the pre-meeting banner it was asked what they would do if 25% of the employees were to quit. Knowing where that company has been headed with quietly off-shoring over the last half dozen years they'll just higher 50% more over in India. The upper management is both incompetent and morally corrupt (2019 saw white collar lay-offs directly targeting well-compensated workers coming up on pension milestones, which was confirmed during subsequent lawsuits) so I'm pretty sure they'll pick the worst choice over there and use the expected mandate as an excuse to terminate more of the good workers. And I'm sure that's we'll see the same here since corporate greed is the name of the game anymore.

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They do not have a plan. Your workload will increase and your pay will continue to decrease. T-Mobile has been cutting staff for years in questionable methods to avoid layoffs w/ severance. The vaccine mandate is a perfect alibi!

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