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I have been trying to find a new job for more than three months now. I was hoping it would be a lot easier given that everyone is talking about how hot the market is at the moment. I would rather say that the market is in chaos. What are your experiences like? How long have you been trying to find a new opportunity?

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Invest in a coach. Your resume and interview skills may be rustier than you think.

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What are your skills and which level are you searching the jobs at? For a mid-to-junior level the market is hot. For senior level, you need referrals and/or executive headhunters.

I started search 4 weeks ago and received an offer yesterday. I have accepted the offer today with 90%+ bump in pay. Yes, I was severely underpaid in my current role/job. I brought this to notice of the 4 managers I've had in the last 12 months - but they didn't care. Also, this company is notorious for exploiting H1B workers.

I will give my notice on Monday. The new employer is not picking up my lost STI. Part of 90%+ bump covers my lost STI for 2021.

I wish all the best to everyone searching for a new job.

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Typically it takes 6 months to find a job, so you’re half way there.

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Depends on the job you’re looking for. Many technology alumni aren’t having issues landing new roles although that can depend on the level of position. Maybe you aren’t searching the right way and need to rethink your strategy or expand your criteria for a new role.

I’m leaving either through requesting a RIF or quitting when the time is right. Many others feel the same. I guess we will find out how many contractors does it take to run a fortune100 IT shop. My guess is many. If I was a policyholder I would be concerned about whether my personal data is protected, but I know better.

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