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Can Companies Have a Hybrid Workplace—and Keep Things Fair?

At International Business Machines Corp. , employees who aren’t fully remote will
have dedicated working hours when they know they need to be on site: One team
might decide it is Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., for instance. How people
manage the rest of their time is up to them.

“I might be somebody who needs to get my kids on the bus, so I’ll come running in at
9:30,” says Nickle LaMoreaux, the company’s chief human-resources officer. Flexible
hours should be more of a priority than flexibility of location, she says. When it comes
to promotions, the company plans to focus more on the quality of people’s work and
minimize the significance of things like networking dinners.

Here's the real translation of the last sentence: "When it comes to promotions, the company doesn't plan on any, but rather more RAs and outsourcing to lower cost countries because we don't care about work quality."

[Article is paywalled and too long to quote].

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Great post.
And to think the same managers who have no idea who does quality work are the ones doing all our checkpoints

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When it comes to promotions, the company plans to focus more on the quality of people’s work and minimize the significance of things like networking dinners.

This has been the root cause of IBM problem. They kept promoting people based on who knows whom from their own circle, and now the majority of IBM management (FLM to senior leadership levels) have no clue who actually delivers quality work, let alone identify the right candidates who potentially can from the resumes.

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I agree. The horse has left the barn, so to speak. Everyone sitting in cubicles awaiting the next team meeting are things of the past. I was in sales, and was never in the office. Other than roll call, first line managers really do not know much these days and for sure do not control anyone's job security.

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Not only did they call them back, they in fact first gave permission for many to move away and work remote. I a lot of friends got permission to move away and work remote. Many moved to the areas where they wanted to retire or where their kids were living. Then IBM, via Tom R and the agile concepts said ok everyone back to the office by years end or resign. Now little do many know that there were a number of exemptions given. I knew of a friend who was given a 5 month extension and would be re evaluated at that time. They are still working for IBM and it was never given a 2nd look.

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IBM called everyone in to the mothership some years ago. They found it was a great way to get rid of the over 40 crowd who had a house, kids in school, spouse with a local job, family obligations, etc. The younger employees can move more easily. Time for another blood letting, especially trying to clear out Gen X.

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Hybrid workplace? Cmon man, that's a pipe dream.
Too many have moved out of state and are happy wfh 100%.
Good luck rustling them back to some crime infested cesspool.

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