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DSV Orders Going Straight Out the Door

Anyone else have trouble with keeping track of / tracking people down for failed payments that are shipped directly to their residence? My web exceptions are out of control and I’m the only person who cares to do anything about them, and I’m not even a SM.

The amount of money I see that we are losing on this is astonishing, and literally NOBODY has said anything about it. I’ve taken it upon myself to try and minimize this impending shrink (and the corresponding inventory adjustments) and I just feel like I’m on an island alone here. Finding and charging these people could be an entire (or more) full time jobs. Anyone else out there witnessing this?

I wonder why we’re dealing with lower sales and cutbacks!?!

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check your web exceptions now frequently

Whilst doing 3 other people's jobs.


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That’s the goal ultimately. Unfortunately it happens nearly overnight. Financial Aid opens, and then bo-m. 14... 15... 16 orders failed but are being shipped. That’s an entire day worth of calling and explaining why they owe us money and how our system doesn’t charge until fulfillment but this is special because it’s a third party that sends the thing blah blah blah you only have $40 in your financial aid account but you thought you had $800 because you did but they switched it because you changed your course schedule and at the time we tried to charge you it wasn’t there and now you only have $500 because blah blah blah.

It’s rough. I hope someone figures it out for real. I appreciate the moral support nonetheless!

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I do agree that it's a problem, but, any upper management or home office people will just tell you to check your web exceptions now frequently. Don't let it get to the point where you only notice 3 weeks later. This isn't a good solution, but it's what you'll be told if you bring it up.

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“Why are the items being shipped if it’s a web exception?“

OP here. This is literally my exact question. Why?

Here’s the process.

  • Order is placed for an iPad by customer.
  • Then Ingram Micro drop ships an iPad to the customer’s house.
  • Tender charge is attempted.
  • Tender fails.
  • Customer thinks they paid for it with Financial Aid because they got a confirmation email for their order being placed, but really the funds are never pulled and then they get their FA refund with those funds included in a check three weeks later.
  • The Web Exception sits until I notice it.
  • I bring it to everyone’s attention, and then it’s a room full of shrugs. Nobody know what to do with them at all, and nobody will ask upwards.

I had about 50-100 of these situations this fall rush. About a third of the orders were sent to our location for in-store pickup so I was able to block most of them.

This all happens behind closed doors and yet right under the nose of whatever underpaid kid is processing SODA orders after a week of training.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I know our job descriptions are loose on purpose, but I did NOT sign up to become a collections agent or a payment babysitter in between everything else I do.

Wheres the button in the Quad that turns off the shipment of failed DSV orders lol

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It's because Efollett wants to get credit for the sales, and doesn't care about the messy part of actually making sure the company gets paid.

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Why are the items being shipped if it’s a web exception?

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You're not the only one. There's a lot of discussion on FC about it.

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We charge them before we release the web exception. (Non epay)

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