Thread regarding T-Mobile layoffs

Bad news on the way....

rumors of 5 million+ customer loss from Q3.

Yikes! Jinkies!

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Well that as usual was a really bad guess to introduce FUD.

T-Mobile Delivers Industry-Leading Growth in Postpaid Service Revenues, Postpaid Customers and Cash Flow in Q3
Nov 02, 2021
Raises 2021 Guidance for the Third Consecutive Quarter


Consistent and Profitable Customer Growth

Postpaid net additions of 1.3 million, best in industry and raising 2021 guidance
Postpaid phone net additions of 673 thousand, 2.1 million year-to-date increased 50% year-over-year
Postpaid account net additions of 268 thousand, best in industry
Strong Financial Results Drive 2021 Guidance Raise for the Third Consecutive Quarter

Record-high Service revenues of $14.7 billion grew more than 4% year-over-year, including industry-leading Postpaid service revenues growth of 6% year-over-year
Strong Net income of $691 million and diluted earnings per share (“EPS”) of $0.55 included higher merger-related costs year-over-year, and Adjusted EBITDA(1) was $6.8 billion
Record-high Core Adjusted EBITDA(1) of $6.0 billion, best growth in industry and raising 2021 guidance
Net cash provided by operating activities of $3.5 billion increased 25% year-over-year, raising 2021 guidance
Free Cash Flow(1) of $1.6 billion increased more than 4x year-over-year, best growth in industry and raising 2021 guidance
America’s Largest, Fastest and Most Reliable 5G Network Further Extends its Lead

Extended Range 5G covers 308 million people and 1.7 million square miles — most available 5G network in the world(2)
Ultra Capacity 5G covers 190 million people and can deliver speeds of 400 Mbps or more, on track to cover 200 million people nationwide by end of year(3)
A dozen independent third-party network benchmarking reports show T-Mobile customers consistently get award-winning 5G, including the fastest average speeds, broadest coverage and most reliable 5G
Network Integration Progress Fuels Higher Merger Synergies

Approximately 90% of Sprint customer traffic is now carried on the T-Mobile network
Approximately 53% of Sprint customers have been fully transitioned to the T-Mobile network
Raising 2021 merger synergies guidance for the third consecutive quarter

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I'll say every lost customer is a well earned loss. The IT security sucks and the networking sucks.

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This company is a joke:

American hacker, 21, claims he used unprotected router to break into T-Mobile’s systems

The hacker who claims responsibility for stealing more than 50 million customer records from T-Mobile has spoken out, calling the company’s security ‘awful’.
John Binns, a 21-year-old American hacker living in Turkey, told the Wall Street Journal that he had used an unprotected router to access personal records of T-Mobile customers.
Binns, who provided screenshots and evidence to back up his claim, said that the entry point allowed him to hack into the company’s data center in Washington state, where stored credentials allowed him to access more than 100 servers.

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100+ million current and former cust. data stolen due to laughable IT security. Lawsuits pending. This company is going the way of Model T....

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I bet you’re at least 6 million off in the wrong direction, genius. You can hate on me, but you will be proven wrong.

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Mint is getting the customers.

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More relevant are the number of investment houses who are downgrading T-Mobile. Yesterday, Wells Fargo downgraded their price future of TMUS from $180 to $160. This stock is down almost $40 a share since the security breach.

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Maybe they ought to bring back Marcelo Claure with help with "getting better everyday".

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You mean they’re actually counting the number of subscribers right and not double/triple counting like they did before??? Who’s in charge now? The yellow??

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Oh no Scooby Doo! Jinkies! It's curtains for the gang!

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Can’t buy customers anymore as there is no one to merge with. Hopefully all the good talent got let go and are contributing elsewhere. I would not be surprised if tmo has a negative qtr. they are nothing special. 5G is not there yet.

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5 million? Was the source your ar-----e?

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