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Stupid managers with egos

I had a stupid manager with an ego that was beyond, beyond. Impossible to even have a conversation with this guy. Every single thing I said was constantly being analyzed by his rat brain for any sign of anything that might be negative about him. The important thing was the actual information, why couldn't he get that? Too stupid it seems.

Completely unable to understand what was important and what wasn't.

There must be people out here with the same problem. How do you get through to a rat-brained manager? Is there really no way? Are they really, really THAT stupid?

I think the answer must be YES!

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When you say ‘stupid managers’ you imply that there are also smart ones. I certainly have known 1 or 2 in my twelve years here.

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I can’t even tell you how good it felt spending all my hours at Oracle this week interviewing with their competitors. I’m telling you. Tons of good people are leaving. He-l. I’m considering leaving with no offers cause I’m so tired of all the rats.

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Who is the real rat brain? Him for berating your ideas? Or you for sticking around and tolerating it?

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