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Things you realize after you leave

It’s only when I left Hertz to work for another company that I realized just how awful the company was. Many will say “it’s a job that pays the bills” and I can attest to that 100%. But it was also a toxic environment that was so depressing most hated coming in and couldn’t wait to leave. At first, it felt alien to work in a positive environment with a team of individuals that carried their own weight. I hope Hertz survives for the sake of those still there but I hope even more everybody finds something better because nobody should have to work in those conditions.

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Yep when all you know is abuse you are amazed what you seed elsewhwere

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Glad you didnt stay! We need to purge those that don't want to be here. Better off for all. Best of luck with that attitude youre sure to repeat no matter where you go.

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Things I realized after leaving Hertz...

Leaders that put truly put people first knowing you have to take care of the people who drive the results.

No back stabbing and suck ups. I was amazed to see how teamwork truly operates in an organization that is aligned across all groups.
How much you are really work! 40K increase in salary for same work.

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