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Former Chief Morale Officer knows no shame….

Anyone recall this id--tic email from our former Chief Morale Officer basically saying employees were ripping off the company? But, Happy Holidays! What a shameful part of our company history.

From: Employee Communications
Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 3:58 PM
To: Employee Communications
Subject: A Message from John Molina: Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Well Wishes and Work Schedule Reminder

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is important that we reflect on what is truly precious to us. On behalf of Dr. Molina, Dr. Bernadett and the entire Molina Family, I want to express our appreciation for the wonderful employees that we have here at Molina Healthcare. We are thankful for you…for your dedication, commitment, integrity and passion to the mission of our organization—a mission that stands more than thirty years after our parents started this company. Thanksgiving is also a time to enjoy family and friends. Growing up, my father would always invite a stray medical resident or nursing student over to join us. We became their family, if only for that one day.

With all of the cooking, cleaning and preparation we have to ready ourselves for the “big day”, it is tempting to try and sneak out of work early…who is going to notice if you leave a few extra hours early on Wednesday? Well, our members will notice! They need and deserve our help during those hours when we say we are going to be there to help them. We have a core value that says we increase access to care – we can’t do that if we aren’t at work. It is also not fair if by leaving early we leave an extra work burden on our fellow employees who stay behind. We do have a value that says we respect each other. Take this opportunity to share in the fellowship of your coworkers by sharing the workload – show that you are thankful for each other by putting in a full day.

If you would like to leave early, please use your PTO and discuss this with your manager so that arrangements can be made to spread the load. You have all day Friday off, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy friends and family, recover in case you over-indulge, and start on your Black Friday shopping.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Molina Family.

John, I hope you are reading this and you can kiss my a$$. Guaranteed, no executive will will send this type of communication in this post-Molina family era as they KNOW how dedicated our employees are and would not imply otherwise.

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I was going to say—- other than the name —- we have no core values —it is all business . It does not matter what day it is. It does not matter if the handbook says it is a company holiday—- you are working . Oh unless you are J oe or big wigs. Business needs business needs — yet all the state offices are closed ummmm BS J oe.

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Beat the street yet again q3 2021. So “shameful” to be a success so often. Made more money in a single fiscal year than the Molina’s did since they took the company public in 2003 to their firing in 2017 combined. That’s truly shameful. Congrats on another strong quartet even with the COVID headwinds. Focus on caid.

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Stock over $300/share today for the first time. Congrats to the hard work of our entire team. Stunning anyone would be “ashamed” of the turnaround from the disaster that precipitated project Nickel. By the way, that phrase was coined by one of the Molina’s favorite toadies, not their critics. Facts have never mattered to John and once again appears to be inconvenient.

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That coming from the guy who used Molina for his own personal property development business and got us locked into stupid long term leases in Long Beach we no longer need but cannot break. He wouldn’t know a conflict of interest if it sat on his face. Thank god they’re gone along with all of their sycophantic boot locking minions (Bayer, Gordon, Lemmis, Pollack, Rubino, Chambers, orellana to name a few) who nearly bankrupted us. I hear JM says he’s ashamed we still use the family name. He should be grateful the family name is now synonymous with success instead of corruption and incompetence. Stock pushing $300/share. shareholder value and profit was a concept those boys never conceived. Go JZ!

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