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Those people.

This is so funny. While reading these responses you can always tell when some id--t supervisor or manager is responding to our comments. They are desperate to tell us to be quiet and just do our makes them feel better about themselves. So here are a few reminders to those of you that are considered a super or manager:

  1. You work for a call center. It does not matter what your position is here. Out of all the businesses you could have worked for you picked a call center. You are still a bottom feeder.
  1. There really are CSR'S who work here who have years of experience in management in careers that really do matter.

We are not all stupid people.

  1. Some of you keep on acting like you really matter in this world. You work for a call center as a super or manager. Last time I looked...there is nothing to be proud of!
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What's funny is calling oneself a call center working bottom-feeder. Makes sense.

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You choose to work in the call center as well. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

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Call Centers are a small portion of the company.

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