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If your career is on the line by a certain date next month.

Just a heads up no company right now is going to back up Religious Accommodations as mest up as that is. It is what it is.

I am someone who had covid multiple times, and recovered just fine. I have waited until more long term studies have come out in order to make an informed decision for myself and my family.

If you haven't already gotten your yearly physical and truthfully do NOT want this shot and WERE diagnosed with covid recently. Most physicians are standing up and will write you a 4-6 month accommodation to not jeopardize your health for the sake of Corporate America trying to dictate what YOU SHOULD DO. The reason why you have a good shot at making your case and getting this granted is because your spike protein levels are too high for the coming months to safely get a vaccine even if you wanted to. You will be able to argue natural immunity as let's don't forget what you were taught health class in school your immunity system is stronger than any vaccine man made. Now again if you are at risk by all means get the shot if you fall in a major category. But if you are someone like me who is very healthy and has had no problem with covid multiple times and do not want the shot.

Do yourself a favor and have a sit down with your physician and also take a look at the novavax.

After talking with my physician today they stated DO NOT take any EUA vaccine. The best vaccine is Pfizer/ Novavax as the novavax has properties similar to a flu shot if you aren't comfortable with Mrna.

Hope this helps.


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Its moot now. SCOTUS says OSHA cant mandate for businesses.

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Don’t quit… ever.. request medical accommodations and religious exemptions.

Make them fire you after your valid, legal request.. Continue to engage and reach a friendly solution if possible. Document all of you communication and ALWAYS be reasonable to find a solution. Then, if they fire you.. you will have some options available.

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Most physicians? Please reference your source. Agree, long term - longitudinal data - will be interesting. Hoping for the best.

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