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Resistance to change

Basically, I agree with someone who claims that Intel has changed in the sense that the workplace is getting worse year after year, but in essence I think Intel as a company is resistant to change.

This company is stuck somewhere in the past and is not moving forward at all.

Why is that? Fear of change? No vision?

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It was PSO and a lion's share of his people that ignored the potential long-term good will with AAPL and MANY other companies... To me his strategy with AAPL (i.e. "No") is the seminal point in Intel's decline. BK added lots of gasoline to an already hot dumpster fire... Intel is in big trouble and everyone knows it. MBAs and finance people analyze using quantitative techniques used everywhere else (e.g. AAPL, GOOG, MSFT, TSLA etc...). It is not the quantitative analyses that ki---d Intel, it has been and still is very poor senior leadership.

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Maybe it's because MBAs and other business types don't believe in intangible good will and brand recognition any more.

Instead, they distill everything down to a credit or debit on a balance sheet, run MinMax algorithms and them determine their course of actions on whatever the spreadsheet shows will make them shine the most by cutting costs (or moving costs to someone else's balance sheet).

What's missing is passion for making a good product, and making the company well respected.

Explains why workers must do more with less, why benefits are cut to the bone, etc., etc....

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