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OKRs and compensation = cut throat

People have demonstrated that OKRs can be successful without being tied to compensation. People said OKRs should not be tied to compensation. Intel thinks it’s different…

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What I see is that there is zero knowledge or ability to implement them in any coherent or useful way. Brace for a debacle.

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How should people get paid?
Just for showing up?

Ideally pay should track the value you provide.

If the metrics are bad, blame the managers for setting the wrong metrics, but the philosophy/process is sound.

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OKRs are supposed to be used to manage and drive results, not to differentiate pay. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people trying to get low hanging objectives approved since pay is a factor.

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This is why Intel is doomed.

OKR is an Andy Grove innovation (objective key results).
The culture and spirit of that Intel is long gone and so is its former greatness.

Andy would be sad to see Intel in its current state.

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