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Truist Chief Audit Officer

So let this sink in. We hired the Chief Auditor Officer who was responsible for overseeing risk and compliance at UnionBank, who got a Public Consent Order....really? So she oversaw years of risk neglect and failed audits and we thought it was a great idea to hire her.

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It's a club, and you are not in it! (Neither am I.) :^)

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Well, you get what you pay for! If no total investigation was done? Well, then Truist got what they paid for and agreed for!

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No good specialist is willing to join the dumpster fire that is Truist.
Not inly all good specialist have left Truist or are on their way out, but new hires are hilariously d-mb.

Like AI people from IBM, who never created anything remotely relevant to AI, or other “specialists” from well fargo and other dysfunctional companies.

Truist is only gonna get Truist-tier people so get used to it, this is sad and unfortunate truth

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