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Silence in aero

It has gotten strangely quiet in aerospace.
Is something brewing?
Is management just consumed by HPD and antivaxers or is it something more?

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A little different this year as we were pushed to get HPD submitted in week 1 and Managers were told to get their comments in right away. Rush to get them done for some yet unknown reason. Last year I didn't get any feedback until March.

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Always quiet before the storm. They are busy making up HPD and picking the lower"L". They also get to divide up the bonus and raise pie or is it really a small cookie. very small cookie. Mostly crumbs

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The reasons why it’s unusually quiet. They let go of the unvaccinated. Which freed up 60 parking spots.

This is what happened at Minneapolis. Heard our production numbers are going down to. This will free up some more parking spots. They’re even moving out old equipment that they never moved up before. Now they never have enough parts to keep production running whole day.

The reason we are having supply issues. The new location has top priority. So they get top priority, and they can’t support two locations at once. So the one that’s closing down, they go without parts.

I’ve never seen him remove old equipment before. It looks weird when you see a lot of empty spots. They’re trying to automate everything. Definitely strange thing is taking place at the aerospace location.

The Honeywell U.S. titanic. We are definitely sinking.

In my opinion. What I have seen in the past. We are definitely relocating.

They had an auditor walking around our building. Appraising everything in the building. They also appraise the building. I’m waiting for the wrecking ball show up. Then this will be your slogan.

Save big money. Save big money. When you shop Menards. This is what they’re gonna do to our building. Tear it down and make a Menards out of it.
Maybe condos or townhomes.

The signs are here. Minneapolis in my opinion is gone. Never will make three years.

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A sale seems like wishful thinking.
Maybe spinoffs...which rarely helps the orphaned division.
You need a buyer to sell.

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There hasn't been anything happening since Thanksgiving. Most people don't even try to look busy

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My inside connection at ALT is a planned 1stQTR RIF which will be announced at the end of Jan. Profits are down YOY at Hon and the stock is down 2% compared to S&P500 which is up 28%. Not good for Hon so heads will roll across the board at ALT and will include all levels.

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They are actually clenching their bu-t cheeks in preparation (H) for SCOTUS striking down the jab mandates.

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