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Digital Life?

Just got my email saying I should move to 'Brinks' as we are going to discontinue service, at a date not yet determined yet. Move to them for more money.

Such cr*p

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FYI - I'll report how it goes - zero cost to me:

Thank you for scheduling an appointment with Brinks Home™. During your appointment, the technician will ensure you are set up just as before.

Your technician will:
• Install your new panel.
• Sync existing compatible devices with your new panel.
• Replace your existing eligible equipment, such as cameras, in their current location.
• Confirm your new Brinks Home system is connected, securing your home and family.

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DL going away should not be a surprise. Notices began going out last year!

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Just called to cancel mine. I will just go with simplisafe. I got the hard sell not to cancel when I called in and to switch to brinks - no thanks.

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Get lost and good riddance. Your whiny post has nothing to do with LAYOFFS.

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I am "moving" to Brinks later this month. I conversed with both and Qolsys (they make a compatible panel). Basically, the system DL uses is proprietary, but Brinks has been given the “coding” to make the switch. We would get a special PowerG panel – as explained by the folks from Qolsys: “the QS9202-J208-840 (notice the letter J) is an exclusive panel to Brinks only that we are unable to offer additional details about (i.e. secret stuff). If you are going through Brinks, then that panel will work with your current AT&T digital life sensors. It is compatible with PowerG and the AT&T digital life sensors. Other vendors do not have access to this panel.” I wanted to use 24incontrol, as they offer some less cost self-monitoring services, but they cannot get this special panel. Brinks will change out and install new outdoor cameras and place a new panel and continue my same service cost for 3 years. After that I will be able to switch to any other company.

I did speak with the main contact DL person a while back – yes DL will continue for a bit, but not forever. My guess is for about 6 months. So, your options are to try and salvage a few components (like door locks/thermostat that work on Z-wave) and purchase your own panel and new sensors, go with DL until it truly sunsets or move to Brinks. I chose Brinks to upgrade my equipment (for free) and then go my own way after the contract ends. I did try to get some of the proprietary DL information, but did not have any luck.
Your choice.

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I received a different email looks like the service is moving to broadband only?

AT&T 3G service is retiring February 22, 2022. This change will require an update to the current communication paths Digital Life services utilize. Digital Life services will be changed from a multi-path communication system with 3G as primary to a broadband only communication path starting February 22,2022.

Summary of the changes:

There is no impact to your day-to-day interaction with your Digital Life service.
After February 22, 2022, during a power loss or a broadband outage, this change will prevent Digital Life from receiving alarm signals and dispatching police/medical/fire. Also, your Digital Life app will not connect during these outages. However, your local alarm in your home will not be impacted.

You can review the updated Terms of Service here. These updates will take effect on 02/22/22. By continuing to utilize your AT&T Digital Life service, you are agreeing to the new terms.


AT&T Digital Life

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Brinks isn't "taking over". You are free to go to any other provider. Brinks has agreed to replace incompatible items (for me thermostat) and upgrade the 3G system (which is going away) for "free" if you sign a 3 year deal with them. I'm on the system now for a few weeks. It runs on which is decent (way better than the interface for Digital Life) however I've been disappointed with Brinks. The install tech knew less than me - insisted the upgraded doorbell video camera should go on my 5 Ghz network vs the 2.4...I even commented about using 5 Ghz on something that has multiple walls to go through, but he insisted...3 days later, I spent an hour in queue with an online tech who diagnosed my doorbell camera being flaky as poor 5Ghz signal...swapped to 2.4 and he had a strong signal / it's been perfect ever since. Thermostat install was a fail - "not compatible" according to install tech....When I told to uninstall everything - I'm not using Brinks , it suddenly became compatible - my boss will order the part. Call in a week and we'll stop right by the install it. A week later the next appointment was 6 weeks out.
Bottom line - If you can find another company to take it over (Look for companies that support z-wave. even lists them), I would recommend you do so.

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How much money is Stankey paying Brinks to take over DL?

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