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MSFT is Chipping Away

Links below... Microsoft has hired a key chip engineer from Apple to help design its own custom Azure server processors. Microsoft currently uses Intel and AMD for server chips. Big hire for Microsoft, another chip departure for Apple...


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Yep, goverment to the rescue. It's too late to turn the ship now.

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How much money has Intel made with their x86 sever monopoly and missed on commits?

Finally AMD put some competitive pressure on them and look how with TSMC manufacturing they ki---d Intel and all of a sudden their pricing changed!

Dang, look at Apple with M1, M1 Max, M1 Pro. Why should anyone with a trillion dollar market value give away billions for inferior designs on inferior process with uncertain schedule.

Everyone ( Ampere, Qualcomm, Microsoft, AWS, Meta, Google ) will go to Samsung and TSMC to manufacture superior products and control the stack and schedule and keep the profits.

Intel is so fu€ked, is it any wonder Pat is begging governments for billions and keep talent in-house as their ship is certainly sunk and date is all but determined

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