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The market is smart

The Market is Rightfully Skeptical about the AT&T (NYSE:T) Turnaround

After touching the levels not seen since the Great Recession, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is looking for a merger-propelled turnaround.
While institutions are optimistic about the opportunities, the public rightfully remains uncertain about the future.

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The market is not a sentient creature that rationally evaluates data and makes decisions based on consideration of such. It is an algorithm driven mass hysteria that mirrors the perceived state of the political and economic climate and stampedes like a herd of startled cattle at any unanticipated fluctuation. Just my non-layoff related opinion.

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All Stnky needs is that one great new shiny thing. If he can successfully execute Randall's quest for the Holy Grail and find that perfect acquisition, he can turn this company around once and for all! What's a few hundred billion in debt when there are so many great companies out there that we can give the AT&T touch to?

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Please - do NOT give the Stink or BoD any ideas for any more mergers! Ratty and the BoD already wasted $100B in failed mergers. Toxic T does not need any more Stink'in mergers.

What Toxic T needs is to be rid of the Stink and BoD.

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