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Beta Male CEO

Why is stock so low? Stock is down 30% this year. Competitors with weak to no 5G are doing alot better. Why is this?

Is this due to weak leadership? bad management? no vision beyond pepto bismol interior decorating scheme?

Inquiring minds want to know

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Yep. The business is a dumpster fire. A leader who thinks risk of covid is greater in a secure office than in retail with random people coming in and out all day is an id--t.

If anything the covid policy should be the exact opposite. Retail should be required to be vaccinated to protect each other and current and potential customers.

a little common sense would be appreciated as well as respect for individual body privacy.

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The business is in the toilet so they are doing mass layoffs disguised as anti vaccine termination

Mike’s failure is now complete.

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Stock is lower that Kroger commercial how low can you go LOL.... low, low, low , low

hahahahahahahahaha sukkkers!

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Anyone who shorted this stock at $150 is set to make a crapton of money. Thanks to the Omicron Male, Mikey.

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