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Off Shore Roles in Job Postings have Watered Down Qualifications Compared to US for Same Role

I have been actively looking for a new role at WF for over a year. As we all know we have been challenged with the "HUB" locations rule, and the AGILE/Journey transformations along with very rigid US qualifications for key roles - like Product Owners/Managers. With Workday, the offshore positions are displayed along with their qualifications. SHOCK!!! Not really - they are primarily our technology jobs AND their qualifications for those roles are significantly weaker that the same role in the US.
I am angry that I am being discriminated against for a role simply because of the country I live in and/or my location. The qualifications should be the same regardless of the country your reside in - MERIT!
Second concern for offshore technology use - Does anyone besides be see this as a significant RISK to the customer? The business and technical knowledge existing outside of our country? We can't even take a WF laptop offshore - what gives? Risk Agents.....hello Leadership - this is a huge RISK!

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Hah, we had a guy just like that a couple years ago who couldnt have been more than 25 years old, but his resume said he had a Master's and 12 years of experience. Had another one 5 years aho that claimed 15 years of experience working in WPF.

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Heck, even though I've got 11+ years of college, multiple university degrees, and several industry certifications - along with decades of on-the-job experience, I couldn't tell you the difference between a Class and an Interface - and I've never heard of FizzBuzz.

Also have a fancy new title as of last year: "Software Engineer". To be honest, I don't even know what that job would entail.

But at the end of the day I'm still just a peon here. :-(

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If it helps you feel any better, the offshore employees usually didn't meet the previous job qualifications. Maybe now WF is at least being honest about what they'll actually accept. I've had coworkers who plainly didnt have a degree (couldn't tell you basic things like the difference between a class and an interface, can't do a FizzBuzz), and when you bring it up to your management, they shrug. Most resumes are completely faked in the part of the tech sector we hire in, so the job postings are a joke as is. They just want a warm body. And, anyone who is actually worth a damn offshore quickly moves on to a position where they aren't paid a 3rd of what a US employee makes.

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