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Node size

Intel falling behind in node size is the problem, yet TSMC is not a direct competitor to Intel.

Sure, TSMC competes against the new Intel foundry initiative, but foundry is not the main profit center. For the most part, it's the companies that buy TSMC's fab time that are competing with Intel.

So sure, Intel buying TSMC time helps TSMC. However, TSMC would have sold that fab time anyway, and gotten the same scale fabbing (say) AMD chips. It's much more useful for Intel to buy production and hurt the actual Intel competitors* that would have contracted for that TSMC time while still making profits for Intel.

Intel will still have enough scale to still grow its own processes, and it can probably rely on some help from Uncle Sam to further tilt the scales.
I'm frankly surprised that regulators haven't interfered - in most other markets people would have noticed the anti-competitive move (a manufacturer 'starving' their competitors' supply).

Apple excepted, since they have more than enough cash to outbid Intel. Then again, Apple doesn't bother with servers, so Intel can live with this. Also, the Apple ecosystem is different enough that switching has its own complex set of upsides and downsides.

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There currently is noone with the credibility and vision at Intel, BoD nor CEO that can fix what is broken.

Government money nor four Giga factories is the solution.

I had hope Pat was “the One” but sadly he took the wrong pill.

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Node size is for show. Yield is for dough. Intel has had trouble with both. Let's see how Intel fares in the Angstrom Era. AK is a scary person but the right person to shut down the culture that tanked TMG.

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TSMC is the worlds foundry they will happily serve AMD and Intel as they serve AMD and Nvidia. They do the same with Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Going to TSMC is total sign of weakness and lack of confidence in TMG and LTD and why should they put the future in the hands of those incompetent people who developed 10nm?

Apple with M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max shows their is a non x86 path superior for everything. The ARMy with Ampere, Qualcomm and so many others will ride TSMC and Samsung to far superior products for the new wave of computing devices and in the cloud MSF, AWS, Meta will find the same, superior technology that is faster and cheaper to do custom designs internally and fab at Foundry, one that doesn’t compete with them.

Total FUBAR for Intel, past the tipping point.

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