Thread regarding Wells Fargo & Co. layoffs

Can't wait for the next town hall

There's nothing better than being lied to, gaslit, and constantly patronized. Good times.

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I've concluded that the number of stutters, Uhs and Umms spewing from Chuckles' mouth is directly proportional to how full of $h1t he is....notice his rant on the Cult of the Team Member had dramatically fewer Ums/Uhs than his backslapping on DE&I....

Any analytics gurus out there interested in running a correlations study of his Uhs/Ums against his honesty?

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Wait until Wells Ware starts selling ‘special’ Kool-Aid only available to cultmates that have been employed for 5+ years!

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Maybe if the next town hall features a clown car Charlie will change his name to Chuckles...

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The next town hall will have a clown car for you entertainment. Don't miss it!

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Ge-z, I missed all the this. When are they gonna post it? I haven't seen the replay link yet.

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Keeping this comment alive. I'm not one who posted it, but kudos to the person who did.

From "Town Hall Open Thread"

"Yes, I found the time..... For the "leak to the press" comment.... here's some info for anyone who wants to use it:

Charlotte Observer:
NY Times:
NY Post:
New York Daily News:
San Francisco Chronicle:
St. Louis Post Dispatch:
Chicago Tribune:
The Wall Street Journal: Letters to the Editor at
USA Today:
Los Angeles Times:
The Washington Post:
Star Tribune:

TV Stations (just googled for those in NYC, Charlotte, San Fran and Minneapolis):
NYC, Channel 4 NBC:
NYC, Channel10/55 CBS:
NYC, Channel 7 ABC:
Charlotte NBC:
Charlotte ABC:
Charlotte CBS:
San Fran NBC:
San Fran ABC:
San Fran CBS:
Minneapolis NBC: somewhere on this site....
Minneapolis ABC:
Minneapolis CBS:

Major cable news networks:
NBC Universal (click around to each one):
Fox News:

I tried to think of the bigger hubs I know of, our "headquarters" locations and overall well known. Not familiar with international except BBC."

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….peppered with “uhs” and “uums.”

These D bags need to stick with rattling off the quarterly report results and leaving.

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Oh, and ignored on the truly important stuff! I forgot ignored.

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