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You are all stupid

I hear lots of complaining about GA in this forum.
The real question is what are you doing about?
You guys whine and moan but no one actually takes some action and leave the company or change their environment somehow.

My question is: besides whining about GA, how are you guys actually doing something to change your situation?

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I’m pretty sure the OP doesn’t work at GA, because if that person did, that person would know that you have to be part of the club to be successful. You must laugh at other people’s stupid (and often times HR-violating) jokes, accept verbal abuse at least once a week, not question status quo, dare not attempt to break through a morale-crushing and more-or-less hostile work environment, and especially not to help drive change in culture.

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You don't work at GA or you're just an as----e. So many of my co-workers have move on to better things in life. LOL

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I think you are just stupid or you don’t work at GA! You can’t do anything at GA! The business model is fail up! So even if your boss is an id--t you have to say she is incredible! And as long as everyone fails together everyone’s stays employed!
Speak up or make an improvement and get fired! Fall a sleep do little to no work and get promoted - it’s the GA way!

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