Thread regarding AIG (American Intl Group Inc.) layoffs

Not even a raise would slow down the attrition

My personal opinion is that even an adequate raise would not stop people from leaving. Every week one of the colleagues goes. Others are looking for a way out. AIG needs radical changes if it intends to retain the best employees, and chance are that this will not happen.
Can anything here be fixed without radical changes? I doubt it.

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The only logical explanation is that aig is intentionally running certain functions into the ground. It is probably a calculated process to reduce payroll and force outsourcing. The end goal is a dismantling of the company. I truly believe that is what is happening. If your business unit is marketable, let's put some money into it to try to make it look profitable then sell it. If your unit is a dog, let's just drive it into the ground and outsource it.

BD and eventually PZ were brought here to systematically wind down the company. The longer that takes, the more money they and the board make so there is no hurry, but thousands of long time employees are collateral damage. Attrition is viewed as a positive for upper management so there is no desire to make the average employee feel comfortable or content.

It is very obvious, but no one wants to see it or believe it so they just keep hoping next year will be better. Good luck with that.

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