Thread regarding AIG (American Intl Group Inc.) layoffs

AIG wants to get rid of legacy employees

The object is to pressure all legacy employees to move on down the road. If you are new to aig you will do okay if you are a good worker. If you are a legacy employee with over 5 years in the company, not so much.

Thanks for your 5, 10, 15 years of service, but you have worn out your welcome. Pete and crew know that legacy employees aren't going to leave unless you make their lives miserable and even then many will still stay. Complain all you want, Pete and crew do not care if you stay or leave so why would they give you a decent raise? Just because it is the right thing to do? Come on, these guys don't think that way. They have no conscience.

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yep, there is an army of legacies just like you. pay us and we will leave pz. otherwise, we know how to play the game and do just enough to hang around. its a lot like being a government employee.

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I'm a Legacy employee and not budging until I either a) am at the earliest retirement age of 62 or b) wait for RIF.

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If you have been at AIG for 30 years I feel bad for you. You are either a kiss a** employee or the slimiest manager at the company. That is the only way you survive this dump for that long.

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I myself have 30 years with AIG.
I've seen it all.
Wore Man United jersey on Fridays like the rest.
Watched melting of several neighbors.
I was a government employee for a while, they tell me.

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