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We can't do more with less

Windstream thinks they can do more with less..all this does is drive the remaining employees into the ground. People are working 60-70 hours a week with on call and after hours already. This last one may cause an exodus of people who were already stretched too thin. They seem to be actively trying to ruin the customer support by combining network and customer facing techs..there is some serious disconnect between upper management and what actually goes on in the field. But that's ok..let's get rid of the best employees and force the ones who are left to do everything. We've become a company that does many things but isn't good at anything due to the draining of talent. Even Kinetic is terrible as we cannot provide decent support. This has become a company run by people who have no idea how to supply a quality product. I'm sorry Mr. Hedge Fund, but you're doing it wrong. No one will by a company from you that sucks. The bottom line isn't improved by getting rid of good people. It's improved by investing in people..and Windstream is doing the opposite.

Well stated, @1eti+1eT2rtxS. Reposted for more visibility.

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It's been like this for awhile now and nothing is going to change.

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