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More restructuring in 2022.

We all know what happened the last time restructuring happened. If you are not in Customer Care, expect to be switching back to taking phone calls again.

Expect more bonus structure changes, expect a lot of internal changes.

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Alot of restructuring needed.
Still countless field management and sales positions grossly overpaid and redundant. Not doing anything to move the business forward, just running report after report after report. It's honestly quite embarrassing.
No way TMO continues to pay out huge, outrageous bonuses. Not going to happen. That will be coming to an end, at minimum will be largely cut.
But we all knew this would be coming a year or two after the initial big layoff and restructure.

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Yep. Need to continue to insert more of the legacy Sprint/bellhead philosophy into new TMO so we can end New TMO too.

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