Thread regarding Intel Corp. layoffs

CEO with the President of a Country is never a good sign

I remember Obama visits to Ronler and also Arizona, Trump appearances with BK, and now we got Pat with Brandon is interesting and not a good sign at all.

When a CEO is spending so much time with Government you know it can't be going well. CEOs giving interviews and making presentations with government leaders means not spending time on business. I thought Intel was in the business of making stuff, not negotiating and getting government handouts, indeed not good signs at all..

Lots of noise about buying the first high NA EUV, the reality is dominated by TSMC and Samsung, Intel is a non player in the real stuff, but they do get a lot of press, LOL

ASML sales was "Taiwan was 44%, South Korea 35%, China 16% and USA at 5%."

CHIPs act and tax breaks in Ohio wont be saving Intel

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Was Paul the CEO when Obama visited INTC?

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Tim Cook met the president many times. Was Apple doomed?

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