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Pushing to get back in office

anyone getting pushed to get into the office 2 days a week? Some offices havent reopened at all so what is the point. Part of a team is working at home all the time but the other part of the team can’t? That sounds like normal ADP logic.... SNAFU

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yes they promote people to directors homeshored in other states then the direct reports… who have to come in 2 times a week… ridiculous!! how’s that work?

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I was there when "Homeshoring" was all the rage. There were 5 buildings in Roseland. Most of that went away. They "renovated" the "flagship," turning it into a warren of cubes (with, of course, the elites still having real offices, but with un-blockable windows in most cases). Of course the "breakout rooms" got compromised before long. When I would go in for a meeting or something, or just for a change of pace, it was really hard to be productive.

It also seemed liked I needed a bicycle to get to the nearest (un-renovated and very busy) restroom.

Not "collaborative." Just "cheap."

Alpharetta was even worse.

So where are all these formerly-home-shored people going to come back to, anyway?

And home-shoring made sense for a lot of us who had development and other constituents up to 12 hours off of hour time-zones. I could work when I was needed. My manager was a Sr. Director who "got it." That if I wasn't around from noon to 3PM, it probably meant that I was there for someone at 8 or 9 PM. Or 5AM. And my calendar was public.

I was well-matched to my job, but went "homeshored" from a development location that closed its doors about 18 months after I departed the office.

I rarely had a sick-day, since I didn't have to worry about infecting someone else. If the weather was bad, I was still fully productive while I waited for the plows. And my back-ups were between 100 and 3000 miles away, so that a natural disaster that happened to one of us didn't affect the others.

I didn't use ADP electricity or HVAC.

And I got sh-t done.

And this was before Zoom was there to let everyone see everyone else pick their noses.

I think part of what happened was "Agile," which until Covid didn't really bother learning how to work with non-co-located teams. Tools like Rally and JIRA were looked at with some suspicion, versus a mess of PostIts on a white-board. Another part of it was managers not knowing how to trust people they couldn't drop in on--- even though they were in meetings all over the campus 7-8 hours every day.

And with no commute expenses, I didn't need so many raises (but got 'em anyway, 'cuz well, I was pretty danged good).

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Yes, every once in a while my direct manager says- I haven’t seen you in a while. I say I am coming on Thursdays and Fridays. Don’t know how long it will last

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