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AIG slap in the face….

Yesterday’s town hall was a slap in the face to the average AIG employee. WE have been putting decades of our lives into this company and this is the way they treat dedicated, dependable, hard working employees…. By having the most important town hall meeting thrown together in minutes and done while a huge portion of us were in lunch! They should be ashamed of themselves!! The Employees have made this company successful… not the fat cats that abuse the system and then leave with huge windfalls of cash!! I hope they all lose everything they have!!

They better not be trying to spin this cr-p as if any of us give a rats A$$ about AIG’s future from this point on! Good luck motivating any of us to put in much effort until the axe comes!!
I personally hope AIG hours out of business forever!!!!

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all the meeting did was to give everyone heads up layoffs for claims so will be hard to be motivated to do much work

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There was a last minute town hall on Monday, 12/13, stating AIG is “partnering” with GB. Very vague info as to what is happening with most employees but Major Clams and specialty claims are protected.

There are more specifics in other threads.

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Agree… Pete McPoop really showed his cards. Most important meeting in AIG history, and he sends the invite during lunch. Obviously done strategically. Imagine being a manager and having no clue and having to gets updates from am employee that was able to attend last minute.

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