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Quick question

Why was this company never good at implementing anything? Who is to blame for that?
I can’t wait to get out of here and forget about this company and everything that bothers me here because I can’t change anything.

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The two prior posts are spot on. AIG is like hitting the lotto for insurance executives and all of their friends in the industry. You don't actually have to produce results, just milk it for 3 to 5 years and let the new group of executives take over with their big plans. BD is the perfect example, $100,000,000 plus for 5 years of well, nothing. Now it is PZ's turn. In a few more years PZ will leave and another CEO will win the keys to the treasure chest. Everybody gets rich except employees who make the mistake of staying at AIG.

The worst thing about executive turnover is that it trickles down the ladder. A new CEO comes in and hires their friends, then their friends hire their friends. If you have been with AIG for many years and are not friends of friends then you have no chance.

Rinse, repeat, rinse repeat = the AIG dystopia.

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No… it’s pi-s poor leadership! The fat cats collect their huge checks and are protected! If not directly protected in their job they are protected by their grossly inflated salaries, bonuses, & severance packages! While the low level employees are the ones left holding the bag and left out in the street! Thanks AIG leadership for another complete debacle!!

Time to freshen up the ol’ resume!!

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Constant turnover with people being laid off and quitting means projects get left half done, people re-build the wheel ad nauseum.

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