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How are those All Hands meetings lately?

I read there were many memorable moments lately....those of us that were canned after decades of service would love to hear how things are going. So we can laugh in Ascension's general direction.

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@1fwd+1eivKMfM They're severely underpaying FS and throwing the responsibilities of several departments in FS purview, meanwhile keeping FS staffing to a bare minimum i.e. not enough people to support everything fully. So, we literally can't keep up with everything required of us. If I were a new hire, I'd bail too. We already have been going through contractors like crazy because none want to stick around in this sh-t ho-e with pi-s poor wages and expensive health benefits from the subcontractor companies.

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I don't recall much from the meetings because they turn the chat off knowing the types of questions and comments people will make about this sh*t company. There was a "call to action" email that was sent out regarding miss-assigned tickets and breached SLA's as if they were SOOOO surprised, like OMG how can this be!!!!! I laughed reading it then deleted it. It was from the happy go lucky lady with her stupid Pelton bike in the back ground. These people in the meetings talking such great things about our "extended partners" and blah blah blah makes me want to throw up. Words cannot describe how much I hate this company. I'll be leaving very soon that's a fact. HCL folks hired on FS are already no showing, turnover rates will be vert high.. It's a sinking ship and a complete joke.

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