Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Layoffs won't be needed

Enough people are walking out and saving them from paying severance that they probably don't even have any incentive to change things. They just need to maintain the toxic work environment the best they can, wait it out and save millions in severance... —  read more 

Ascension Denying Severance

Ascension is doing it's usually yearly round of layoffs to fix the budget to increase profit for the big shots at the expense of the patients and staff. Worse for the workers of Milwaukee's unionized hospital they are denying them severance! So cheap... —  read more 


Dear Ascension: We’re all looking for jobs now. You’ve killed all morale. You fired some great people this past week who are skilled at their jobs and were necessary members of the organization. You have demonstrated your lack of loyalty to good... —  read more 

One of the key issues

AH has their issues there is no questioning that. I wonder how things might be a bit different if we trained the upper mgmt teams in better communication skills. In my years with the company (HR) one of the main complaints is how mgrs do not... —  read more 

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Ascension Michigan Layoffs

Ascension Michigan has laid off (and this has been confirmed) about 500 employees... This is mostly impacting (as always) nurses - about 20 folks in management have been canned... All under a slogan of "improving efficiencies and worker productivity"... —  read more 

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