Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Feeling underpaid?

I feel very, very underpaid ever since I learned how much more some of my former colleagues are paid in their new companies. One of them is now paid twice as much and doesn't have as much stress either. Until I get a new offer, I will only be doing... —  read more 

More directors positions?

I like to visit this forum sometimes, even though I left a few months ago. At one point I regretted leaving because it was a big change in my new company, but now I would never come back here. Is it really true that Ascension is planning to hire... —  read more 

Remote Support Team

I heard that HCL is implementing a Remote Desktop Support Team or a Level 2 Team to handle software installs and other issues that can be fixed remotely in theory. Didn't Ascension try this a couple years ago and it failed with in house Field Service... —  read more 

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