Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health


Hospitals Leaving Ascension…

Some hospitals, such as the New York hospital at the following link… …have figured out that the amount of money they pay... —  read more 

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Next step in my career

I joined 3 years ago knowing no company, no job and no boss is perfect. You will have 2 types of managers. One will help you along the way and guide you into building your career. The other unfortunately will throw you into the deep end and hope you... —  read more 

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Class Action Lawsuit?

Aren't we still in a pandemic? Joseph Impicciche, president and chief executive officer of the St. Louis-based health system, informed its nearly 160,000 employees that it will protect their pay and not lay off employees during the pandemic. The... —  read more 

There is no responsibility

The first thing that is missing when it comes to rescuing this company from hitting the rock bottom, is that decision makers need to take responsibility for the mistakes that have brought the company into this state. However, I doubt very much that... —  read more 

Giving notice...

Many IT people are leaving before the August move overseas. Some are not giving any notice. There one day and gone the next. This makes it rough on those left. What Ascension is doing is wrong, but they let people know well in advance. In many... —  read more 

Time to leave

I think things have been going from bad to worse for a while now and even the biggest optimists can see the writing on the wall by now. You have two choices here, either leave on your own terms or wait for them to let you go (with or without... —  read more 

Another round...

Anyone else find it interesting that news articles say layoffs between August 8th and December 10th? It was in an official WARN letter sent in Michigan. They never mentioned December in any of the meetings. So yes, there is another round of layoffs... —  read more 

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