Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Data Security Breach

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Social security numbers, credit card information and more were impacted by a March data breach involving Ascension Seton’s legacy websites, according to a news release from Ascension Texas. On March 2, the agency was alerted to a... —  read more 

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Thieving Executives???

"The lawsuit, filed Feb. 22 and shared with Becker's, claims Ascension has attempted to cut labor costs while at the same time increasing executive pay, which has led to staffing problems at Ascension Saint Joseph-Joliet (Ill.) and other Ascension... —  read more 

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"ICU Nightmare"

"Taylor Critendon, a nurse for five years in the ICU, describes the current situation as a “nightmare.” She says, “Our biggest concern is patient safety.” Nurses are taking on five to eight cases at a time – for comparison, California has legally... —  read more 

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Buhbye Ballooney!!

After nearly 15 years, I was recruited for a new and hopefully better opportunity with a different health system in town. Sooo glad to be escaping while incompetent bo--s run the hospital into the ground.

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Ascension Seton nurses overwhelmingly vote to strike following months of no deal on union contract Nurses are now slated to launch a labor strike, which will begin with a 1-day strike to... —  read more 

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$35,000 down the drain...

"Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Hospital in Milwaukee has agreed to pay $35,000 to a deaf patient for whom the hospital failed to provide sign language interpretation during hospital stays in 2017 and 2018, according to the settlement agreement... —  read more 

Ascension denies culpability...

"Ascension’s bid to avoid accountability fits a pattern that is coming under growing scrutiny by the media and lawmakers alike. The conglomerate has recently been accused by Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) as “operating like a private equity fund” for... —  read more 

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More layoffs?

Have been hearing about MORE layoffs at different levels. Not just the people who work in IT, but executive leaders, managers and departments. Making budgets fit for the next fiscal year? Lets see the PR team spin that one...

Long Overdue

Ascension finally under a microscope:

Heavy workload

It is impossible for the manager not to know that such a large amount of work is unrealistic to be done in the expected period. However, he insists that we meet such unrealistic goals and tries to convince us that we are not overloaded at all... —  read more 

Penny Lane

2022 Was Hospitals’ Worst Financial Year in Decades, But 2023 Won’t Be Much Better Financial analysts have said that 2022 may have been the worst year for hospital finances in decades. This year looks like it will be yet another year of financial... —  read more 


Tens of thousands of Texans could potentially suffer from a major fallout between the state's largest insurance company and one of the country's largest health care networks, putting many providers and facilities out of network for patients... —  read more 

Peace and Love, Inc.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Wednesday night several dozen protesters braved the elements to urge Ascension Wisconsin to re-open labor and delivery services at St. Francis Hospital. Ascension shut down those services just before Christmas, creating a void... —  read more 

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