Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Topics regarding layoffs at Ascension Health

Stressful environment

What I resent is that working at Ascension is always stressful but it doesn't have to be. I’ve done the same job at other companies and I’ve never been in a more stressful environment than I’m here. The situation gets worse as colleagues leave. I... —  read more 

They see us as burden

I don't know if better off are those who will be laid off or those who survive. Given that Ascension is increasingly showing that it doesn’t value any of its employees and that they view us as an expense, I’m afraid of what survivors are yet to... —  read more 

Playing favorites

From what I am hearing, there is quite a bit of playing favorites going on with leftover jobs. Unfortunately for those left, that will lead to an even larger dumpster fire than is already in development for a few months now. We will see just how... —  read more 

Ascension doesn't care

The way this company treats employees clearly shows that they couldn't care less about us. I know that and mostly everyone knows that, but they still allow themselves to work until the burnout! It is by no means clear to me why people still give... —  read more 

TikTok Famous Make Erica Wehrmeister famous. She is the president of the Central Region of St. Vincent Hospital Indianapolis. This is why Ascension is in the place that it is in. Just look at this stellar leadership right here... —  read more 

HCL & Extreme Networks

I wonder how well versed HCL Network people are on Extreme Networks syntax? "Lets get rid of Cisco switches and replace them with Extreme switches". Guaranteed the guys coming in have zero background or experience with this infrastructure. ASC and... —  read more 

Limited Partnerships

The following have commit to a limited partnership with Ascension….. AdventHealth Carle Foundation, CentraCare Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Intermountain Healthcare Novant Health OhioHealth OSF HealthCare Once ascension tipped over into a... —  read more 

The good

The good is they will bring in 2x-3x more staff to keep their 90% and higher in ticket closures. They plan to do what our current FSs are burned out on. Some pay increase if you ask for it and you’re stupid if you don’t ask for more! I heard they... —  read more 

What is your exit plan?

There is no better advice than to polish your resume and get out of here as soon as possible. I hesitated because I thought that the situation here would improve a bit, but today I am definitely preparing an exit plan. I have no hope that it will get... —  read more 

Layoff was a major blessing

Even before layoff, I experienced unspeakable unprofessional conduct from Ascension individuals in power so I was already planning my escape beforehand. I found the Ascension workplace to be unsafe, poorly-managed, and shockingly dishonest. Turnover... —  read more 

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