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Another year

You made it. Congratulation!

Take time this holiday season to spend with your families and friends. As our fearless leader in my division of AIG always says, "Unplug, you have earned it. Reflect on your accomplishments! Thank you, we couldn't do this without your hard work. You should be proud"!

Truth is, I'm not proud. I'm tired. Tired of playing the game. I earned an AIG paycheck for another year, but I feel like I lost 10 years in the industry. I'm tired of making money for a company that only rewards upper management. I'm tired of hearing how inclusive we are when only certain individuals, almost entirely from other companies, get considered for promotions. Everyone in this company knows that most jobs are filled before the interview process ever begins. That is a problem.

I'm tired of a b/s year end review process that is virtually irrelevant. Top performers get a few extra percentage points on their sti. Underachievers lose a few percent. Most workers get 2% to 3% raises. At the end of the day, this equals pittance. Meanwhile, upper management rewards themselves with 200% sti and multi-million dollar stock options so why should I bust my a$$ to over perform any longer? There is no good reason. My check never changes and my stock options don't exist. He-l, annual increases don't even equal cost of living increases in this country.

The CEO at fired 900 employees via zoom and he is out as a leader. AIG does this multiple times per year and nothing ever happens. AIG is a soleless organization wrapped in an advertising campaign to try to show how much they care about you. It is a facade you know it and so does everyone else. The minute you can be outsourced to make a few extra dollars for upper management, you will be. PZ's $18,000,000 annual salary plus stock options just isn't enough to make ends meet.

So, my goal in 2022 is not to reflect on how to be a better employee for AIG. My 2022 goal is to reflect on how I can use AIG as a vehicle to transition to a new career while collecting a paycheck and doing as little as possible to help a corrupt organization that will never change. I encourage everyone to use the holiday time to reflect. If you truly hate this company, then figure out a way to leave on your terms. If you have been here forever just exist until they fire you with a package. If you are young, run as fast as you can. Young talent dies at AIG.

Happy holiday and good luck to everyone stuck at AIG.

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YES! side business is the answer 100%

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Just start a side business. I started mine a few years ago. I doubled my side income while I get to keep my benefits and work 5-10 hours per week.

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it's a trap. giving notice when you are young is easy to do so do it. if young folks stay at aig they may get promoted a few times in low pay grades and feel like they have a future. then, you hit the glass ceiling.

fast forward 10 years and the rest of the industry has passed you by so you stay another 5 years. you don't want to leave and start over. you don't want to lose your vacation, your seniority, your severance or your comfort level with mediocrity so you wait and wait and wait.

it is not as easy to just give notice when you are older and have a family to feed. moral of the story. if you stay more than 5 years you are really doing yourself a disservice if you are young. if you have been here longer than that it is probably too late.

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Well said friend!! I agree 100%! AIG is trash and do not deserve the quality and loyal employees that have dedicated our lives to making this company successful. The chest the system and sc--w the employees at every turn!!

I hope AIG goes out of business! Never should have been bailed out in 2008!!

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If I sounded that frustrated I would have long given my notice....

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