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Reasons to reorganize

There are many who argue that the CS should be reorganized without delay. There are also those who think otherwise, of course, but I am primarily interested in what are the arguments for the reorganization of those who claim that it is necessary here now?

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STS is hamstrung by upper echelon and the business as to how they want to handle projects. There are many bright minds in STS but they can't speak up or change things because of how the system works. Upper leadership doesn't want to know that things can be done better a different way - they want you to keep doing what you are doing the way it is being done. I don't think the problems lie with STS but perhaps the integrations group or those organizing and conducting the projects. STS responds to the business needs......

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Start with STS leadership muppets.

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Haha why not dream? ;-)

  • cut the whole executive leadership, replace with anyone under 50, preferably women and persons of color, who has managed in Silicon Valley-type environment… what’s Marissa Mayer up to these days?
  • bring back actual HR people who work with business units and know their needs
  • clear path to either promotion or departure for the hordes of people stuck at Sr Manager for 5+ years
  • radical change in technology and processes, like really analyzing and replacing anything old and not essential

Never gonna happen. Give it ten years and Schwab will split in to 2-4 companies all with cr---y outlooks and business cases warning of that fate.

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Doesn’t need reorganization. Just replacement of leadership.

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