Thread regarding GlobalFoundries layoffs

If you're thinking of joining, here are a few things to know

  1. Being overworked is considered business as usual.
  2. Raises are laughable.
  3. You will keep getting new responsibilities while your pay will mostly remain the same.
  4. If your pay ever reaches a certain threshold, you'll be laid off and somebody cheaper will be brought in to replace you.
  5. The credit for anything you do will be claimed by your manager, you'll get the blame for whatever he fu--s up.
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@1crp isn't wrong, but it's disingenuous not to point out:

  • the LOW raises and bonuses everyone complained about were part of the annual cycle, after a GF claimed 2020 as one of its best years
  • the SUPPLEMENTAL raises were reactive and came 5.5 months late after complaints and severe attrition
  • the ADHOC bonuses are a result of the same
  • and finally, they still fail to outpace inflation for most people, year over year

and to be fair, this isn't only a problem with GF

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Bonuses, raises and pay ranges are all increasing. Good time for the industry and this company.

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  1. If you're planning to have a baby, maternity leave is very generous.
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  1. Don't make friends, either you or them will be gone in 2 years or less.
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