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OK, Analog-RF designer here with a different company. 15 years of experience and Ph.D. in analog an RF. Many patents and papers under my belt at a close competitor. I am contemplating if moving to AAPL is a good idea considering I am getting monthly calls to join and working conditions at my current company are converging toward aapl ones. For personal reasons nothing can happen before the summer but I have a few questions for apple folks especially the silicon guys.

  1. Given my experience which level should I think of ICT5 or ICT6? Take at a face value that I am pretty good at my job, I am fully hands on (I am not a paper pusher) and I am probably equivalent when properly motivated to 2 good people.
  1. What is the average RSU at signing? (I have a lot of unvested stocks at my current company so I won't move for less or equal at signing). I need to get quite more than my current unvested RSUs to move my a-s.
  1. Is there a cash bonus at signing? How much is that for ICT5 and ICT6?
  1. What is the average package for ICT5 and ICT6 for the silicon group?
  1. How many RSUs should I expect every year as part of the compensation for say a top performer?

I would appreciate the feedback in order to understand if moving for me makes sense or not. Also I am very pragmatic and I like money. So yes I can work long hours etc. but only for the right compensation. That is why I am contemplating leaving my current company...they are not giving me the right compensation for the amount of work they ask me to do.

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