Thread regarding Altice USA (Cablevision) layoffs

Bowl Movements right hand ATS Russo getting ready to drop PPH

Get ready! Ohhh ATS is getting ready slay Filed Service. Jobs per day aka PPH is coming back with a vengeance! 87 points per day will be the in-house goal. 110 for contractors. Yup I’ll make sure the customer is happy ATS Russo. Just like his BFF Barry Bowl Movement. May need to spend a few more minutes on each call now! Ha, HA. Tell the customers the truth! I do. You think I’m waiting on hold. Nope. Moving on. Fu kin joke.

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Ha.....good luck with that
Techs as--s are sore they aint beat anymore for these re--rds running the sh-t show

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Says 8 reply & nothing there. Admin police deleted posts....Cry babies & looosers made this happen...smh

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