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Use the knowledge gained at Grainger to get a better job elsewhere

I left Grainger - Since doing so, I see it continually going downhill in terms of employee retention and satisfaction. They never seemed to realize (or care) what the effect that turnover and reducing employee benefits like the PST truly has on customer and employee satisfaction. Grainger truly was once a great company - well respected and a place people wanted to work and do business with. Abolishing the PST was a massive mistake. It was so hugely important to the employees and was huge motivate, attract and retain talented employees. I left for a direct competitor and am continually grateful to myself I made that decision. The experience I had at Grainger opened so many doors for me it's pretty staggering. I admit Grainger did a greta job in training employees and providing great business. When I was there, they truly were light years ahead of their competition in terms of products, technology, BENEFITS for employees, etc. THAT is why Grainger became as successful as it is... it's the employees stupid! Continually chipping away at employee benefits does nothing but help shareholders who own amounts of shares the typical employee or person NEVER will. I highly suggest EVERY Grainger employee vote against every board member and seriously consider looking for greener pastures. Like I said, Grainger trains you very well in things like SAP, sales, customer service, etc. Use that knowledge. Go someplace else - a lot of companies would love that skillset on their team.

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I agree. The PST abolishment was a mistake. Grainger has so many middle managers that it's actually bizarre. It's retail. Grainger is a dog stock. Read the annual report. "They" decided to cut employee benefits to free up money to buy back shares of stock. The typical Grainger employee can't afford to buy a single share of stock.

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They just outsourced about 50 Sourcing roles to Panama. A good amount of the folks who lost their jobs all had at least 15 + years of tenure. Part of the Panama team will be working the GSA/4PL quotes. Good luck with that DH. I’m sure that group of customers will appreciate it. Also nice how Grainger sends out the most recent employee survey and for some reason they do not include the folks who work in the DC’s. As long as their employees in Lake Forest are happy that’s all that matters.

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