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Not fun watching this mess

The first two years were somehow bearable for me here, but now I feel it’s time to go. From this perspective, it is very difficult for me to understand those who have been watching this mess for ten years or more. Because of such people, I wondered for a while if the problem was in me and if I perhaps expect too much. After how long did you start thinking about leaving here?

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When Kraft owned Nabisco it was a totally different place to work. Management respected their employees and employees enjoyed their jobs and the work. We worked hard and were rewarded for our work. Teams were really that, a team.
Once Mondelez was formed and they no longer had a parent company ensuring ethics were followed, things changed dramatically. A whole lot of managers whose power went to their heads and they trained another generation of management the same. Treat employees like dirt, lie, name it. It has fast become for field sales employees the worst place on earth to work. Most people don't work here cause they "like it", only cause they feel "stuck".
Reps that have no degree and have been here for a long time make ok money for not having a degree and have no place to go. The reality is a new college grad can start making 100k with no problem, to start. The unfortunate part is Mondelez reps have to be treated like dirt, lied to, worked like a dog, to make that...and not respected.
Working at Mondelez has become a JOKE.
I am glad I completed my education and left. Way too respect for myself. Feel badly for my friends that are "stuck", or at least feel stuck. They hate it.

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