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You expect too much from a corporation

Whatever this company needs and wants, they take without any concerns for the employees. People and their lives and families don't matter, only profits for Mondelez.

Why is anybody surprised by this? Yes, this is true for Mondelez but it's true for every company out there. Your employer is not your friend or family. Its goal is to get the most out of you while giving you the least possible back in return. That's capitalism. You better get used to it, because you're only setting yourself up for disappointment if you think things will be better elsewhere.

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Totally absurd thinking, no not all companies treat their employees like Mondelez. As a matter of fact, right now most don't! Those that do are struggling to retain employees, those that don't are fully staffed. Our team has been a revolving door for years, like 10 or more.

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Sad that you think that, you are so off! I've never been happier working with another CPG company after I left. During the pandemic the literally showered us with gifts, incentives, flexible work name it. This has not wavered.
I've had the opportunity work for a few companies before and one after and NONE of the organizations I worked for treated people like management at Mondelez. My boss tells me every time they post for an opening he gets at least 25 resumes from Mondelez employees.

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